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Newtown PoliceOffer Safe Place For Internet Exchanges




Publication date: September 23, 2022 07:00 AM

The Newtown Police Department has declared its car park a “safe interchange area for online purchase.” Recently a banner indicating this has been installed.

Sergeant Will Chapman said September 20 Newtown B The department had “heard a word” that society wanted something like this, and decided to help fill the need. With so many websites offering members of the public an opportunity to sell items and merchandise to each other, there is a growing need for a way to safely exchange these merchandise for local pickup.

“Whenever there is anything like that, there are people looking to take advantage of other people,” Chapman said. “This is a place where people can have an extra layer of safety, rather than meeting a stranger in their home or the stranger’s home.”

Chapman noted that anyone looking to scam someone else into an online sale might be reluctant to do so in a police station parking lot.

In addition, the quantity is constantly monitored, so the camera evidence can be used to find anyone trying to scam; On other sites, the scammer can “disappear without a trace”.

Chapman also offered some tips for avoiding being scammed online.


Always use your best judgment when making an online purchase.

When buying or selling, set terms for what you feel comfortable with. If someone tries to push you into a situation you’re not comfortable with, just go ahead and take your business elsewhere.

avoid the presence of a stranger in your place of residence; The best meeting places are in public places.

Be careful if the seller is trying to force you to use a payment form or payment app that you are not familiar with, or is trying to get you to pay with gift cards.

Associate Editor Jim Taylor can be reached at [email protected]

Newtown Police Sgt. Will Chapman stands near a recently installed sign identifying the Newtown Police Department parking lot as a safe exchange area for online purchases. —Bee Photo, Taylor


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